Bag Tube Insertion Tool -These tools are designed to block of gas supply to allow for safe working areas on the pipeline.

PVC Adapter

The PVC Adapter bolts to the WASK unit

Holesaw Adapter

Holesaw Adapter fits to the holesaw to connect it to the drill unit


Spanners to allow fitting and removal of the bag tube to the WASK unit

Insertion Head

Insertion Head is used to fit onto the WASK to allow for inserting the bag tube

Bypass Tee

Bypass Tee is usedto fit to the top of the tube to allow gas to by-ass the work area.

Tee Handle gauge and valve

Tee Handle gauge and valve allows the bag to be pumped up and monitor the pressure.


6 Shoes for baging 6 pipes

  • Bag tube insertion tools
  • 4
  • PVC Adapter
  • Holesaw Adapter
  • Spanners
  • Insertion Head
  • Bypass Tee
  • Tee Handle gauge and valve
  • 6